The Pool

Our pool is a state of the art hydrotherapy / aquatic therapy pool made by SwimEx from the U.S.A. The pool offers real versatility which allows us to create personalised therapy programs that are fun and stimulating for all patients but can be progressed at a rate appropriate to suit each patients treatment needs. We can also run aquatic fitness sessions, sports training, multi patient therapy and group classes. The pool measures 18 feet by 10 feet and the main section of the pool is 4 feet deep and is heated to 34 degrees Celsius. Access to the pool is via shallow steps with a support rail for assistance or with the use of a tracking ceiling hoist.

The pool incorporates the following:

  • A Large 4 ft deep area for general exercise and rehabilitation
  • 6 ft deep well for non-weight bearing activities and Aqua Jogging
  • 5 ft well with a 45 degree running pad and 2 x 45 degree plyometric exercise pads.
  • A variable-speed current running down one side of the pool which is used to add resistance to exercise and for swimming and running sessions.
  • An underwater seat

The facilities are equipped with:

  • Individual changing rooms
  • A large disabled changing and shower room with changing table
  • Assessment rooms
  • Shower facilities - a large wet room with 4 showers.
  • Secure lockers
  • Air conditioning
  • Front entrance with disabled access
  • Waiting area with viewing window

There are 7 designated free parking spaces for use directly outside the entrance.

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