ID – Knee Arthroscopy

ID was referred to AquaPhysio by her consulted after struggling to regain range of movement in her knee after having a Knee Arthroscopy.

She was having concurrent land physiotherapy. Her consultant was planning on performing a manipulation under anaesthetic if the range of movement did not improve and had given ID two weeks to address this lack of movement.

On assessment ID had full extension but flexion was limited to 85degrees. Treatment was quite aggressive with high levels of buoyancy and resistance to not only reduce the stiffness but ensure the muscles around the knee were working well.

ID attended 6 times over a 2 week period and worked hard with the therapist on each occasion. There was steady progress with range of movement increasing after each session and ID being able to maintain the range between sessions. After the two weeks, range of movement had increased to 136 degrees flexion and the manipulation was avoided.