September 2017

Case Study - An Ultra-runner with a stress fracture

AH is a 57 year old female ultra-runner who suffers from Osteoporosis and was referred to AquaPhysio after suffering a stress fracture to her 1st metatarsal. Her initial goal was to be able to maintain her fitness levels while the fracture healed as she was unable to run on land at all for 6 weeks.

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Case Study - ACL Reconstruction

After an ACL rupture and reconstruction in 2017, BW was referred to AquaPhysio for a rehabilitation programme to safely strengthen his legs, with emphasis on the hamstrings and quadriceps to better support the stability of his knee.

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Case Study: Inflammatory Disease

SG is a 44 year old woman who was originally diagnosed with Adult Stills disease in 1997, a rare inflammatory disease similar to Rheumatoid Arthritis that affects fewer than 1 out of 100,000 people each year.

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Case Study: Total Hip Replacement

JC is a 49-year-old female who undertook bilateral hip replacement surgery with only an 8-week gap between surgeries. Ongoing hip problems had curtailed her sporting aspirations in rowing, running and windsurfing for the previous 18 years. This was due to a problem called hip dysplasia, causing subsequent labral tears and a developing picture of osteoarthritis. Unfortunately, by the time hip dysplasia was identified as the cause, the joint damage had reached a point of no return. Subsequently, osteotomy surgery was not a preferred option, and JC required total joint replacement for both hips.

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