Aquatic exercise boosts recovery from

Prehabilitation Before Joint Surgery

Are you heading towards joint replacement surgery?

Gain an advantage by beginning a programme of Aquatic-Therapy prior to the surgery.

Arthritic joints tend to be very stiff and lack range of movement. The ability to move more freely in water can help regain some range of movement and strengthen areas of weakness prior to surgery.

Preparation for your rehabilitation is important. At Aqua-Physio we have many patients who visit us and familiarise themselves with exercise in our pool before their operation, and then return after the surgery is completed.

The main benefits are:

• The body’s natural buoyancy in water relieves body weight, allowing for easier walking and functional movements (such as squatting, lunging or step up’s).
• The hydrostatic pressure of the water has positive effects on reducing swelling in joints which in turn helps regain more range of motion and reduces pain.
• Further positive influences on pain regulation are due to the relaxation effect of warm water and suppression of the sympathetic nervous system associated with water submersion.
• The sensory input of the water can also increase body position sense enabling improved feelings of balance and confidence.
• You can pre-empt the post-operative exercises and have a greater understanding of what to do after the operation.
• By completing these exercises and talking to a physiotherapist about what to expect, patients often report reduced fear and anxiety about the upcoming surgery. This has a feed forward effect where future behaviours and movements prior to and after surgery can greatly determine long term outcome.

The pool was a godsend. The water supports your body to take the strain off your knee, and is great to help train your balance. My swelling seemed to improve after every session as well and the current in the pool provided resistance to help strengthen my leg muscles as much as possible before surgery. I found that I started to walk without much of a limp on land after walking in the pool.

AquaPhysio has been great in getting me prepared for my surgery and I will be back as soon as I can afterwards too!


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