AquaPhysio is a state of the art hydrotherapy pool and wellness centre based in Lower Morden, Surrey. Call us on 020 8330 6777 to book your hydrotherapy  or fitness session today.

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Why Hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy is therapy using warm water for the purposes of wellness and aiding rehabilitation. At AquaPhysio, we utilise the properties of the water to formulate a fitness/wellness program for a variety of needs. Our pool allows for versatile exercise programs to suit all clients.

7 reasons why you should choose Aquaphysio

  1. You can get you exercising sooner after injury or surgery than on land.
  2. You can strengthen and improve mobility in muscles and joints in a pain-free way.
  3. We can create a personalised program of exercise that allows you to progress at your own pace.
  4. We can help with rehabilitating injuries and improving fitness in tandem.
  5. Our pool will compliment any land based exercise programs
  6. We give clients the tools to continue and maintain their progress.
  7. Therapy has never been so enjoyable!

I just wanted to thank you for all you guys are doing to make my knees better. I cannot believe how amazing I feel and after 11 years of constant pain in my knees I am now free from any pain.

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Latest News

Balance And Falls Prevention

Falls are one of the largest public health problems among elderly people due to the high morbidity and mortality. Falls cost the NHS 2.3billion annually. The main reasons for falls in this population are multi-factorial – a fall is the result of the interplay of multiple risk factors such as having a history of falls, muscle weakness, poor balance, visual impairment, slower reaction time, polypharmacy and the use of certain medicines as well as environmental hazards.

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Case Study - A triple ankle fracture following a fall.

N.B sustained a right triple ankle fracture and dislocation following a slip and fall at home. She was brought to A&E where they wanted to operate on her ankle and hold it in place with a plate due to the complexity of the fractures. However, she did not want any metalwork in her ankle and therefore the ankle was just manipulated under anaesthetic back into the correct position. The foot was managed conservatively and put in a cast for 6 weeks. N.B. attended Aqua physio 2 months after her injury.

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AquaPhysio Ltd - Privacy Notice

AquaPhysio Ltd's Privacy Notice sets out details of the information that AquaPhysio Ltd and the clinicians responsible for your treatment may collect from you and how that information may be used. Please take your time to read this Privacy Notice carefully.

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